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  1. @andrewilley I just did as you recommended. Thanks again. 🙏
  2. Thanks Andre, it worked 😀. It was from Settings>Library>List like you said earlier. The Album Artist Label for Album Artist Tracks was on before, I have to turn it off. I'm really sorry for being a pain in the butt. 🙏 And I'm very much grateful for your help.
  3. You still in the library view but I'm about the main player view. The images I attached, if you can look closely at my red highlights you can see that the Poweramp player displays Justin Bieber which is the album artist. But the Sony Xperia music player displays featuring artists on song which is Justin Bieber and Khalid. Which I prefer.
  4. Thanks Andre, it didn't work. I think what you suggested was for the library not the player ui home display because when i turned the Album Artists label for tracks on, no difference. if you can refer back to the images I attached to the post you can see what I'm talking about. I really appreciate you reply. Thank you.
  5. I'll like to suggest if it can be possible to customize the Poweramp home screen song info display to [Title, Artist, and Album] instead of [Title, AlbumArtist, and Album] This is my Sony Xperia music player home screen display which i feel is more cooler IMO Please make it happen. But if anyone have any suggestion on how I can make it happen if the feature is available, please it's highly welcomed. Thank you!
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