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  1. Support IS NOT wiping all your data. That's ANTI-support. You expect updates to fix bugs - anything destructive should ALWAYS be offered as an option to a user. I was a software developer for 20 years - the companies I worked for would have gone out of business if they'd acted in this arrogant and shoddy way.
  2. I have no idea who this person is so how can I insult them? I'm saying the new player is a pile of garbage - it's pretty much unusable - maybe it looks better on phones, but on my car tablet, the text is blurred like you get when a vector font is shrunk like an image - nothing like in the image you posted above. And I'm pretty annoyed that for a major update like this, the user isn't warned that they'll lose their data and given the option to opt out. I'm also puzzled why it changed this afternoon, when the last update to the app is shown as April 6th - and wondering why it didn't update
  3. So?? It was a product I paid for, and have been using perfectly happily until today when it would seem a major update has been pushed on me without my assent, in the process wiping all of my settings, playlists and ratings (grr to the latter - that was a lot of work). And to be fair, the new version looks like it was written by a bunch of monkeys - presumably they outsourced development to some cheap Chinese outfit?
  4. That's pretty much what it looked like this morning.
  5. No that's a completely different look to what I described in the OP
  6. This is the paid version incidentally - don't know if that makes any difference. Perhaps describing it as fullscreen is incorrect. Screen is landscape - the artwork was centred and filled the screen vertically with a very narrow strip left at the bottom for the player controls which were small and there was a line running across the screen representing the track - you could swipe along it to skip forward/back. So can anyone shed any light on what's happened here?
  7. No third party skin. It was just default settings before. Yes that's what it looks like now. It's awful.
  8. I use Poweramp on an android in-car system. Until today, the display has always shown full screen album art with the player controls underneath and the menu bar superimposed and semi-transparent in the top right hand corner of the screen. Today I started it and it started doing an initialization routine which I haven't seen before. Then it gave me a completely different layout that looks quite odd, with the album art on the LH half of the screen and on the RHS a set of enormous player controls. It also wiped all my playlists (which I'm not fussed about). I've spent ages playing with the
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