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  1. Understand. I've fixed the DVC ..It was off in the HiRes setting table..  Ok good to know that the resolution doesn not eat any crazy amount of power..

    I have 400GB library of various freq/resolutions ... But generally yes, the 192 is enough for most cases (which also means that some 44,1 tracks are resampled to 192 :( ) Follow/match frequency function would be great, but that we know.

    If you would have any more info about the Resampling vs. Dithering for my case I would appreciate that. 


    Thanks again!!!

    Stay safe, Andrew

  2. Ok I see.. Yes, the DVC is on ....  Please see the picture attached.

    I have set the output to 192 myself. I can go to 384KHz.


    Is the frequency eating power as well ? Also what does the Direct HD mean ? It came with some latest updates i guess. Not sure with the resamples setting. I have mine roughly on 97 no dither...


    Thanks a lot for your answers!!!


  3. Hi everybody. I couldn't find any proper answer to this. I have Shanling M6 pro DAC and I am not really shure what's the proper setting of the HiRes output on Poweramp for this. Recently I have noticed some Direct HD option showing up on the HiRes settings.

    Any idea ? How to achieve the best (bitperfect like) setting on Poweramp ? 


    What I am doing now

    It says : variant Direct HD

    Output Set to HiRes and fixed 192kHz and all setting below are set to off (no EQ, no DV, No Headroom, ...)

    Dither None

    Thanks a lot !

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