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  1. So the shuffle categories doesnt shuffle anything it just plays the song names alphabetically (not by artist names) I have one folder 1000 songs and the other one is not sure maybe 200 songs Both under main folder named music , flac tracks , using legacy mode to read the usb flashdrive
  2. Doesnt work for me it always shuffles songs from both albums i tried every single option
  3. I am glad i am not the only one finding this difficult for me somehow always shuffles some song from the other album
  4. This is probably thr worst naming i have seen , categories , just songs etc Why not name them something everyone can understand like shuffle folder How do i shuffle just one folder it either keeps shuffling both folders that i have or either doesnt work if i select shuffle categories
  5. @andrewilley just had another check and it does not record the commands when i press the right arrow on the controller , those next ones are probably from the steering wheel when i change the song regardless skipping the songs work , on 10min songs it skips around 20 seconds , still havent found a way to change this , it would be nice if we can increase this by some percentage in settings library i found only one option which i have no clue what it does
  6. @andrewilley so i have tested some more the skip seconds and it looks like it depends on the song length , cant increase it though
  7. I will check properly once in the car for the command , yes the 5s i was guessing but inspecting it carefully today looked like 15s skip , as for the pro buttons i dont think it matters i have them disabled as i find them useless but i can still skip if i use physical buttons on gyroscope mouse
  8. @andrewilley In the commands it is recognised as media button and it skips the song for 15s Btw is there no way to change the dpi for Poweramp only , i know there is a way if rooted but i am not rooted
  9. @andrewilley i have edited the post and included the air(gyro) mouse picture and explained how it works same as keyboard pressing the right arrow key probably the same as i would press those pro buttons
  10. because the default Poweramp in landscape does not look that good on car , yes i am running everything directly on the android unit in the car for example this is the stock music player in the car , looks very simplified with big buttons forget about the phone nothing is run on the phone , the car android unit has usb so i have the air mouse connected wirelessly via usb this is the air mouse , works same as you would press the right button on keyboard which does 'seek'
  11. didnt check the command but what is the point the seek is working fine just it is like you said 5 or 10seconds which i would like to custom increase it if possible no need for android auto as i dont want to take out the phone to listen to music think of it as a 9inch 8 core tablet in the car with split screen view etc which is very capable on its own i saw your comments today in different thread , will give it a try
  12. I wanted to adjust it on single click to skip 60s but looks like there is no option for that Yes holding it works but i find it more convenient to just press , The songs i am listening are big 9 minites android auto is not supported and i find it ridiculous to take every time the phone out and connect it to use it
  13. Hi guys just bought the Poweramp wonderful player so many options I have an air mouse which has buttons to seek but only goes by 5s , is there any way to increase this to 30s or 60s Second i use it in the car so is there any car friendly skin with large buttons maybe ?
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