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  1. +1, a blurred (or non blurred version as the background in all of the library menus would be awesome
  2. I just got this skin today. Unfortunately, I can't get the background album blur to work in library view or anywhere outside of the main player screen. Any idea what could be causing this problem? The preset backgrounds (e.g. brick wall) work just fine. I'm using Poweramp v911.
  3. Would it be possible to create subsections within the library system for audiobooks and podcasts? Musicbee uses this solution, so the audiobook and podcast folders can be monitored along with the Music folder. I think it uses some tag analysis that ends up placing some of them in their respective subsection automatically, but the user has the option to select a podcast or audiobook album and manually put it in the subsection. After doing this it won't show up in the Music artist or album list.
  4. I have seen this mentioned on the forums but I wanted to add an entry on this forum so people can show support. Many people including myself prefer to browse by album artist and this is very important functionality for us 😊 Right now I have about 500 albums in my collection and with the way Poweramp currently handles album artist mode, (I think it only takes that one tag into account), more than one hundred of those albums art not visible when I click on a particular artist because they are sorted into the unknown category. When I use another player like Musicbee or Blackplayer that falls back to the Artist tag 99.9% of my albums/tracks are sorted perfectly. I could theortically go thought my entire collection and retag all of the problems but this small piece of functionality fixes a very common issue. Other than this one inconvenience Poweramp is the best player I've found by far, including desktop players.
  5. This is the one feature that is keeping me from switching over from BlackPlayer. Just a simple option to fallback to "Artist" tag if no "album artist" tag is found is all that's needed 😀
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