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  1. @andrewilley Did some searching and got more confused: On multiple tech sites they say that AA transmits music via the usb cable to the head unit and not bt. Only the phone calls go through bluetooth. Though I also remember my previous phone playing PA music via bt for Android Auto. If the above is true why does PA try sending the music through bt? I have a couple of other AA compatible music players on my phone (VLC and Musicolet) and they work flawless without even trying to use bt... Would it be possible to "ask" PA to not to force this whole bt thing and just go via usb?
  2. @andrewilley Going back to my original issue: what I see on my phone is continous jumping between bluetooth and phone speaker outputs. This causes the playback stopping. Sometimes the cycle finally settles on phone speaker (but never so far on bluetooth) and then things start working. My phone indicates that it uses the speaker output, but the sound comes through the car anyway.
  3. @maxmp @andrewilley Just a quick question related to this topic, but not closely related to PA: Am I correct to suppose that when connected to AA via USB, the audio from my phone should be going through bluetooth?
  4. @andrewilley Tried out as many settings combinations as possible but found no solution. There were a few occasions when i got stable playback (out of hundreds of tries) but only for a single sesson and found no correlation with the settings. Is there any other way to go on? Logs etc? Thx, M
  5. It seems that the issue is present for all audio output methods. Marton
  6. Thx for the advice, unfortunately none of the above turned out to be helpful. However I attached the log of the last processed commands. This should contain multiple tries (and failures) to start playback. Does that contain anything useful? poweramp_aa.txt
  7. Hi, I have a problem using Poweramp (build 893) via Android Auto. Playback repeatedly pauses after a couple/few seconds. This issue started when I changed to a new phone not long ago (Oneplus 8T, Android 11). My old phone (Oneplus 5, Android 10) worked absolutely fine. Any suggestions? Thx
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