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  1. I was about to pull the trigger and buy a registration for this, when I came across this issue. I get my work voicemails as .wav file attachments in my email. Not being able to play the wav file by just clicking "Play" in the email really kills this for me - I was going to uninstall all other music players (actually have, with the trial version), but now I'll have to find something that can play the wav file. And as I play with the options..... OKay, it looks like the alternative isn't awful. In my version of Gmail, at least, I can click "Save" instead of "Play," and GMail copies it to the SD card. Then I can hit Play in Gmail, which will then give me Poweramp as an option (it's not an option if I hit "Play" without first hitting "Save"). But from there, it doesn't work well. Poweramp will play the voicemail just fine, but then it imediately wants to skip to the next audio file as soon as the message is over, making rewinding almost impossible. I'd like to see an option that if the app is called and given a file to play, that normal playlist functionality is turned off and it just plays the file and stops. Is that a configuration option somewhere already? I'd rather have one step fewer - just hit Play, and let Poweramp pick up the file and play it. As it is, I'll have to manually delete it when I'm done
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