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  1. Good job but still dosnt work on ATV device ( TiviMate apk ).Is there any solution?
  2. I understand.... Btw. Your eq is the best with any doubt and work like a harm on all my phones.There is only problem on ATV Sony device ( notification listener problem ) but i belive that this will be fixed in the one of following bulids.
  3. BTW. Without "Enable Player Tracking" equalizer not working even on my phone ( i checked it ). Its strange that after DUMP permission i dont have any problems with notification listenerv on my phone and can choose Poweramp and others players in Player Tracking.I cant do this on AndroidTv device,so equalizer wont work.
  4. Unfortunately i have another problem after application command DUMP via adb. Second option in settings of equalizer( below DUMP )is still locked.When click on it getting this message: Failed to open: No Activity found to handle Intent ( act=android settings.ACTION_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SETTINGS ( has extras) Without this opt. equalizer will not cooperate with AndroidTv device. Do you know any solution?
  5. Could you write me full adb commands: 1.Grant VOLUME KEY permission ( Poweramp equalizer ) 2.Grant VOLUME KEY permission ( Poweramp player ) I did Grant DUMP and rest i have to enter manually. Thank you
  6. Is it possible for you to make equalizer apk wth all tweaks already included ( all in one ) perhaps in the next upgrade ? Im asking bcos i dont know how to apply it on ATV.
  7. This tweak work like a charm on my phone , thanks a milion but how apply it on AndroidTV?
  8. Poweramp is the best equalizer for android with any doubt,but cooperates with audio aplications only.Is there any way to force him to work with andoid system, for example others aplications, not audio ones.
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