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  1. thanks for your explanations andrewilley! I did already read the Reddit article. My problem is that I can see the Android / data folder, but it appears empty, while I know that it is not because the SD card is indicated as containing 18 GB of data, not however of the audio type but of the "other" type. Do I need to reset my SD? But if I can't use the data stored on the SD or even load most of the apps in it, I wonder what I can still use it ...
  2. I tried several files manager apps (Cx FileExplorer, Google Files, File Commander and Solid Explorer 2.8.11 for a fee) but with none I can view my music files that before updating to Android 11 I saw on the SD card in the Android / Media / DoubleTwist folder. So I can't listen to them with Poweramp. In fact, I imported them with DoubleTwist to be able to cast them on my Sonos. Do you find it normal? I paid for the SD, Poweramp and many mp3s (bought on iTunes) and I can't use them as I want. I'm fed up with all these restrictions. Safety is mine and I want to be able to decide what to put on th
  3. I find it outrageous that due to android 11 i can no longer access MY data on MY sd card. In my opinion Google should be condemned for damage to the property of others, in the information relating to the new version of android this damage was not indicated
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