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  1. That sounds as a great idea. I think no other player have this feature. For me then Poweramp would be then the best music player on android.
  2. Or a default option checkbox in the settings (that it always saves the position)
  3. Thanks for fast reply. Hope that feature will come in the future.
  4. Hello, i try to set all my folder and playlists to "List Memory" -> "List Position". In "Folder Hierarchy" it is only set for the main folder, but not for the subfolders. Is there is a way? If not, please add a checkmark like "also subfolders". In "Playlists" there is in the main "List Options" no option to set all playlists to the same "List Memory" -> "List Position". I have to click on every single of my 150 playlist and do it one by one manually. Is there a way? If not, please add a option to set it for all playlists. Thanks.
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