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  1. I think the file was overwritten on all the files cause it was the same name. Although it never was a issue before, I have since renamed my backup files to a different name. Still I can't figure out why the one playlist is always being wiped though. I am using the latest version from the playstore build 893.
  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear. The actual .M3U file is still there but the playlist in it is gone. So when you go to the folder, the file contains 0 bytes and when you open it in notepad it's blank. Yes all the files and folders referenced in the playlist exist. I just spent 2 hours manually creating the playlist again.
  3. I've been having one of my playlist disappearing (empty) after a rescan. It's always only the 1st playlist only of 7 as the rest has no issues. Now I always keep several backups of the playlist on my pc and another on a eternal hard drive and I just paste it back to the playlist folder. But the worst case scenario just happened, all copies of the playlist just came up empty as notepad on windows just suddenly deleted it. Last saving grace is that I had a older copy of the playlist on a older phone. Still this is becoming a nightmare.
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