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  1. Sir.... Please try to add Spatial sound Effects so that we can enjoy it better. Thanks
  2. Please add reverb in this Equalizer app as already present in Poweramp music Player
  3. So we may get this feature in future updates or not
  4. I think there is no harm in keeping options available
  5. MX player has many features; audio player, video player , Streaming features of video as well as audio but it's still BEST in its field.So why can't Poweramp
  6. You might be right but in order to be best , we have to try different & new ideas which is unimaginable for others. Poweramp has already a lot of features but try to add more as I said.
  7. It's already a master of Offline music Player. Now , it's time to look into other options as well.
  8. I'm really sorry. I'm not so able to insult you. I say Poweramp is already ahead in race but if you see NYX Music Player, it's emerging very fast. They also have made a telegram group where they disccuss the features to be added. And , I just mean to say that you have to know about your opponents as well. Sorry if I said something wrong.
  9. In order to be best , you always have to keep updating. I think it conveys Everything.
  10. As add some new features such as Scheduler which works as Alarm clock , 3D , 8D , Streaming , Download or MAKING IT A VIDEO PLAYER AS WELL or Anything otherwise Other music Player like " NYX " will overtake your music Player in future updates.
  11. As MX Player saves the settings for a particular video or Audio. And also it saves if the A-B feature was on. So I mean that Poweramp should remember if a particular was played in looper mode and it should remember it and play the song in looper mode next time it's being played .
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