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  1. Hello and welcome! I'm looking for nice 32 Band EQ settings for some bass and clarity of Audio, but actually I'm noob at this stuff. So I think I might take that question to the forum. Screenshots are welcome too.
  2. @Bo$$_8055 That convinced me to buy premium version of Poweramp EQ. Thank you for that info 😀
  3. Hey everyone! Yesterday I installed Poweramp equalizer on my phone. I think Max MP did a great job by creating and releasing a separated equalizer and it is MUCH better than the system one (I got a Samsung phone). After going to Poweramp EQ's settings I found a small window saying something about Premium version. I thought I could eventually buy it in the future. I know it might sound like a stupid question, but what exactly does that Premium offer, and is it worth purchasing? Thanks in advance and Regards! 😃
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