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  1. So it really is a device-specific thing. Well shit. I really should have mentioned I did 4 Full Rescans prior and during the time of this report, as well as Info/Tag returns empty which makes sense given maxmp's response. Should have mentioned earlier. This is on me, my apology for lack of related information. And I suppose the solution is to either get a new phone or resizing the album art down to a more manageable size/flat out removing the album art?
  2. I'm guessing either the conversion process or a device-specific issue. Assuming the lesser of two evils (the conversion process), can we verify that whatever is coming out of ffmpeg is the same for both of us? My output that has been triggering the bug: (https://anonfiles.com/raf9D1i0rf/test_mp3) (sha256sum returns 7992a6f576277dde4e14d2a51f65a0e9ce11280edc6f347231255975c5467a76) My ffmpeg configuration: https://pastebin.com/ciP1LXew (straight from sudo apt install ffmpeg) I was able to verify that my ffmpeg when converting was using LAME 3.1 supplied by libmp3lame0, and my f
  3. Poweramp version: build-893-arm32-play [893002-ecc5e107], Full Version, 32 bit (activator build-302) Device model: LG Stylus 3 (LGE M400-MT) Android version: 7.0, build number NRD90U, kernel 3.18.35, security patch level February 1, 2017 Steps to reproduce: 1. Download the following file (uploaded for bug reproduction): https://anonfiles.com/7bd8P8a2r2/01_Becherovka_flac 2. Load the original file into Poweramp. Metadata and album art should be present. 3. Convert the file using the following command (done locally with Ubuntu's ffmpeg installed from official apt re
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