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  1. I have S21 Ultra which is Android 11 out of the box. There is no "Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode". I allowed "Storage\All Files" in system settings for PA. opened "fresh" PA (after app's data cleanup). Tested multiple time. When I select "DEVICE\Music\XXX" (system UI to grant access presented) - nothing found. But If I select "DEVICE\Music" instead (system UI to grant access presented) - scan works well. But I should de-select non-"XXX" folders inside Music, I do not want to scan. So there is some issue with PA and how it handles permissions - oth
  2. I have the same issue on S21 Ultra with Android 11. It finds 0 tracks and each time I open music folders in settings - folders are unchecked. I check them back, "select folders" button and nothing changes. Performed app's data clean-up from system settings and configuring once again - same issue. BTW, other media player (FiiO Music) works well with same folder and same permissions granted. This FAQ entry does not help: https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/music-folders-selection-doesnt-work-on-android-1011-and-other-file-access-issues-r36/ I am ready to d
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