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  1. Thanks @wotantx , that's exactly what I expected!
  2. I sent an email to the support and I'm gonna post it here too (a bit rephrased), for the sake of making it public: I was looking for a true non-root audio processor (to replace my beloved Viper4Android) and this is the most promising one I've tested so far! The feature I was mostly looking for is the compressor, which is working nicely in this app. I have some notes related to my usage with it though that I'd like to share: Some apps aren't recognized, even with the Advanced Player Tracking. For example Twitch or Twitter. Some other equalizer apps (like Re-Equalizer or Power Audio Equalizer) lets you enable a "global" mode, which takes all audio output whatever the app is. You cannot track which app is playing, but at least it works for everything you play, be it session-mode or not. Apps that aren't working so far: Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Dailymotion, MyTF1. What's interesting is those apps doesn't only play sound, they also play videos. But Youtube works of course, and also Netflix and other multimedia players like BSPlayer, VLC or even the Samsung Video player. And now for some features requests: - Take advantage of the settings Export/Import feature to make a simple global preset loader, not only for the EQ settings but for everything, compressor and all. - Add an auto profile switcher, like for example when you connect to a specific Bluetooth speaker, load this profile, or if you use the speaker output, or the headphones etc. Or maybe even by app itself. Already implemented, long tap on preset. - Add a stereo enhancer setting (not "surround", just expand the stereo signal).
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