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  1. I did this, here are the screenshots (http://imgur.com/gallery/bXS5UnM). Thanks !
  2. So, I did the full rescan but it still didn't work, so I took a few screenshots this time. First, I put 2 tracks of a same album in the same folder and I renamed only one in .oga: (https://imgur.com/a/brxlDeu) Then, I selected only this folder on Poweramp : (https://imgur.com/a/iHlGTSZ) (I erased one folder name because it contained personal info) And, only the .ogg renamed one showed up on the app (https://imgur.com/a/pGS647q) I noticed that it showed up as an ogg file (next to the length) whereas if I played the .oga file with PA through my file explorer, it would show up as a
  3. Thank you ! It works for me too, the file get added into the library ! Is there any plans for the dev to add .oga into the scanner though ? I have 30Go+ of music to rename, and I don't have the time to do it..
  4. I wanted to switch from samsung music to Poweramp. Most of my files are opus encoded in a .oga file. I converted them from flac with free:ac and never had a problem. As I said in the title, Poweramp doesn't add in the library any of those file, but when I go into my file explorer, and open them with it, it plays them fine. I already disabled the "ignore short tracks" feature but it didn't changed anything. I don't know where to ask, so I ask here, is it a bug or something I do wrong ? Sorry for my English, and thanks in advance.
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