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  1. Unfortunately no, I ended up taking the CCWGTV back and buying a Shield instead, and the chromecast in there works just fine with Poweramp. Hopefully this post helps figure out the issue for someone else though!
  2. @maxmp i might take my Chromecast with Google TV back because of this bug, still got a couple weeks to make a final decision. Is there anything else I can provide or do to help with tracking down the culprit here before I return it?
  3. Just a quick update: I gave this another shot and noticed that when the music cuts out for 15ish seconds, it resumes playing at the same point where it cut out. The player keeps going, i.e. playtime keeps going up and track progress proceeds, but it's like the Chromecast's cast is pausing at some point, then resuming. Almost like it's buffering repeatedly?
  4. Hello, I saw there were other threads about this but I didn't want to necro something a few months old. I've pieced together all the advice from various threads and tried everything, but I'm still having some of the problems others have described. I figured a new thread with everything laid out (+ an error log to accompany this thread via email) would help with troubleshooting Poweramp build number: build-893-arm64-play [893004-dd1054bc] Device model: Samsung Galaxy S10e Android version: 11 ROM name/version: N/A (stock/not rooted) Steps to reproduce/bug description: 1. start casting to Chromecast w/ Google TV 2. hit play 3. the first couple seconds of audio are heard, followed by 14~16 seconds of silence, and then the audio picks back up and the rest of the song plays through Mitigating things I've tried in various combinations: - Forced output to 44.1 kHz / 16 bit - Set buffer to max value (4000 ms) - Tried stopping (i.e. long-press on the pause button) and starting the music - Tried different bitrates of MP3s (192 kbps, 320 kbps, VBR) - EDIT: Also turned off background power saving for both the app and the unlocker. Other notes: - My WiFi signal is quite strong. The router is within 5ft line of sight to both my phone and the Chromecast. (I know other apps stream from the cloud, but I had Steam Link games working earlier and it tested my Chromecast's connection at >100Mb/s.) - I can stream music from my desktop to the Chromecast just fine (MP3s, not radio apps) - I've never had trouble casting to older Chromecasts with this same phone/app. My friend's older-model CC on a lower quality WiFi network works just fine and I've never had to mess with Poweramp's settings to get it working. - I've attached my full audio info chain as an image - I'm emailing a support log and referencing this thread I hope this is everything you need to be able to troubleshoot this. It looks like I'm not the only one with this model of Chromecast that's having this problem!
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