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  1. It depends if the one I am installing is the latest one because I know sometimes when you install an app on an older device it grabs an earlier version
  2. Well it does verify but only with wifi enabled, and I don't exactly have that kind of money to just buy another lisence(to be honest that much should be obvious by that fact I'm using a phone from 2005 instead of a modern mp3 player).so is that the only thing I can do?
  3. Yeah I believe so unless there is one that supports Android 2.3.4 but I just googled it and downloaded it off of apkmirror and used google play to install the unlocker
  4. And yes I have the unlocked app.what can I do? @maxmp@spaceguybob@andrewilley
  5. @maxmpso whitch is higher quality for bluetooth? Aaudio or Hi-Res?
  6. Fire settings don't do anything for me because it always resets
  7. But I've gotten it to work before.for multiple days too, but nowit just doesn't want to
  8. honesty id say if you don't have expandable memory then you don't have many options and streaming isn't the best because at that point you might as well use a normal streaming service.
  9. hello i am having issues on my good pair of jbl tune500bta's downsampling whenever i set the sample rate to 96k its forced down and i don't understand what to do. @maxmp
  10. My samsung Galaxy has that but. It forced nitrate and sample rate to be locked. Is there no solution?
  11. in that screenshot i didn't really understand what you mean but what if they appeared above the play slip bar on the bottom of the screen? it could even be a toggle and that would still be cool.
  12. i have this issue also.i have a pair of bluetooth headphones able to play in 92 kHz but it downsamples. if you find a solution that would be great.
  13. when you choose the directories for it to search make sure you have the entire sd card selected. if after full rescanning after that doesn't work you could clear the cache ,clear data of the app, and reinstall if you want to also.
  14. Isn't there an option in the Poweramp setting for this? Like autoplay when bluetooth headphones connected and various other options?
  15. Oh ok. Thank you for explaining that
  16. What's the point of album artist anyway? I haven't even seen it in the normal menu I only see it if I look for it in the tag editor.
  17. I think it would just show up on two different artist pages in the app and show that there are two artists with a comma in-between the names
  18. I am no coder but I feel like since it is already implemented for genres that you could do it off artists also.
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