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  1. It doesn't work on my headunit. And I don't like Android Auto. I'm using a car launcher which is way better than the Android Auto home screen.
  2. @flyingdutchman Can I change the size of the Miniplayer in your skin? I didn't find an option for this. And the car mode is only the screen with the current title? That's not the biggest problem, see the first post.
  3. Android Auto is no option. I want to use the headunit and not the phone. The headunit has also built-in 4G and can handle everything by itself. And I don't want to plug the cable every time.
  4. I'm using Aurora skin on my smartphone. It's perfect for me. Recently I bought an Android headunit with 9" screen. Aurora is also ok there but some things are still not so good. The current track screen is quite ok. The text could be a bit larger (it's still the max size), also the buttons: The album screen needs some improvements. The buttons in the top left are overlapping. The miniplayer is way too small. Also the buttons should be larger. The screen could also be changed at all: album cover at left side and track list at the right side. Also the bottom button bar cou
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