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  1. @andrewilley Yes, a place to collect all things together is more elegant. Perhaps advanced dynamic playlist can store filters, easy to maintain, backup and organize. I can imaging a nested playlist belong to a root playlist, maybe can be expended like a tree view, just like Windows Explore can expand zip file(which mapped a child playlist here) from the left tree view panel. Also the legacy system shortcut method is more universal supported compare to send to home screen in app via the new way system provided, the new method is hard to insert to a chain actions or automation, gesture/pie launcher, shortcut manager etc, and can basically be only access by default launcher, hard to backup, lost once disable app.
  2. @Azul I have the same issue sometimes, one playlist can be opened and play, but another cannot, only created 2 lists. Oneplus 7 Pro, LOS 17.1 Also submit empty strings to Tasker/App/Shortcuts/Poweramp playlist.
  3. I use tasker to disable and enable Poweramp automatically to prevent similar things occurs, since it's easy to resume playback and - enable, the action speed is under acceptable.
  4. Or send target to home screen from Poweramp main UI. Anything can be filtered and played within app, would like to start the same actions from home screen shortcuts, not only playlist.
  5. Play a folder once Only icon long press play to resume in lifetime New tracks added to that folder in feature Will play new tracks in feature? I may reboot phone, I may restart Poweramp, but may not re choose tracks/folder to play manually.
  6. Like Poweramp is playing then I started play something with other app, Poweramp paused playback, but the headset play button still be hold by Poweramp, that not what I want, that's unfair I have to say, sorry, just too aggressive for me.
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