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  1. It seems like it would be a fairly simple feature to add and would be a really simple (but impactful) quality-of-life improvement. For such a feature-rich, well-made, and complex app, this is probably the only actual complaint I have about it at all.
  2. Noticed that the Album Artist category just throws anything that lacks an Album Artist tag into an "Unknown" folder... It would be really helpful for Poweramp to just automatically read over the Artist tag if no Album Artist tag is present, like many other players do. This way, it would be easy to just use the Album Artist category without having to flip back and forth between it and the normal Artist category. After all, for albums that only have one artist name, it would be rather tedious to go through and add Album Artist tags for every single one.
  3. Would really love this feature—Album artist tags are useful for albums that have multiple artists for different tracks—but it can be quite tedious to go through an entire library just to add redundant Album Artist tags when they are not needed. Many other music players automatically read the artist over when album artist is blank
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