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  1. I have tried the options you tell me, the only thing left to try is this that I have found in another forum to see if it will solve it for me. settings - audio - disable direct volume control
  2. ok, thank you very much, if I pause it when I turn on the radio again, it continues where it was going, the automatic start I meant when the radio started if I open the app if it plays automatically, activating the option you mentioned. I have another problem since I use Poweramp on a Chinese android radio with the agamma Launcher, and when I receive or make calls, the music does not dim or cut off, and with the FM radio app that comes with the radio the sounds are mixed, no It cuts out, but if I use it at the same time as GPS navigators, if the sound is attenuated when I play the navigator,
  3. Hola, pues he instalado Poweramp la última versión de la store en una radio android de coche, y un par de problemas, uno de ellos es que al apagar el coche y volver a encenderlo, la canción empieza cada vez que lo hago desde el principio y es un coñazo la verdad, y otra es que me gustaría que se iniciará sola la reproducción al arrancar.
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