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  1. yea i did! it does help a bit i have it on -14dB as you suggested. Obviously it makes everything quieter but it does allow the bass to come through more! Sadly still not in a way i can say the bass boosted as good as my old phone did, but yea. Im afraid it wont get any better. It was a "budget" flagship phone anyways, like, ut had the best cpu, lots of ram and a fancy camera etc. that for roughly €650
  2. Oooooh! Thanks for the info! Kind of a shame, maybe i can figure out if its some sort of app or service that i can disable. Perhaps getting a different ROM might fix this? (Think of LineAge OS)
  3. Lol.. i found an wav file.. might just be 44.1Khz but.. it has a whapping 1441kbps xD wav rocks lol best mp3 i found had 320kbps
  4. Though i do believe the DAC Asus put in the Zenfone 6 has to be a very cheap one as my old S5's DAC can handle so much bass you can break your headphones and own eardrums at high volumes it has DVC enabled, however DVC never jas to level down the volume to give roo. for the intense bass. I suppose its just a lot more powerful if thats possible. What ever i try, i cant make my Asus match up with my old S5's audio performance which is a big shame towards Asus honestly, beaten by a 5 year old phone that sold for less money. However i do know audio wise Samsung was always pretty neat
  5. Yea i have tried wav files, those perform way better, i found that high res at 48khz actually performed better than OpenSL at 48khz
  6. i tried toning it diwn to high res 48kHz which doesnt reduce volume, it seems to be the most stable choice so far along with preamp gain of -14dB
  7. ive noticed high res 192kHz and above reduce the volume dramatically
  8. audio info is as follows: Track: mp3 16 bit 44.1khz 192kbps 2 channels Gapless Decoder is the builtin FFmpeg resampler Resampler SoX resample 97% cutoff DSP Float64/32 bit 48khz equaliser bands 10 (31-16k Q: 1,50) bass 50% treble 0% DVC on short crossfading buffers 2x (52ms, 2496 audioframes) latency 104ms Output OpenSL ES output 16 bit 48khz flags: 0x10 ALWAYS_UNITY_GAIN latency 104ms Output Wired Headset/AUX edit: ignote the last photo, its an accidental duplicate
  9. Thanks for the advice! ill give it a try shortly! ill post any updates on how it goes. At this point i use OpenSL or something on both. i have noticed that bass test files in wav format and 192khz do give good bass most of my mp3 files are 41khz (i guess mp3 doesnt go higher anyways but yea) i thought there has to be an issue with the resampling. Or my DAC is of reallt poor quality. Or even after disabling the audio wizard app which is responsible for system wide equalising of audio, it still gives issues, maybe there's something else as well that has to be disabled
  10. Hi, I have been having issues with bass performance on my Asus Zenfone 6! I used to own a Samsung Galaxy s5, i could crank up bass boost all the way to 100% unless i went above 60% volume. The bass was super deep, its DAC support 192khz and 32-bit My Zenfone 6 also support high res 192khz at 32 bits, however even the slightest bit of bass boost causes DVC to go mad, turning DVC off it causes massive distortions at low bass boost of 30% no matter how low i put my volume. (Both devices use default audio settings and both devices have AudioFX or any sort system wide audiowizard disabled as well as me using the exact same pair of wired headphones for them) Its very frustrating, i cant seem to tune it to its full potential. I have tried literally anything the tweaking offer. What i find strange about the Zenfone, is no matter how low the volume, it cant handle bass boost at all, making the audio very flat. Both devices use the exact same settings and equaliser preset etc etc. My old S5 only get trouble at 100% bass boost around 60% volume, my Zenfone cant even handle 30% at 5% volume. Does this mean Asus went for an absolute trash DAC? or does it mean i need to apply different tweak. Some other music players seem to have more bass potential however nothing close to what im used to from my old phone. I hope anyone can be of help with this ❤
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