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  1. @andrewilley as mentioned I did a reinstall of v893 as the link earlier in the thread pointed to (latest version), so can not say if it was on during the problem - but now legacy mode is off.
  2. Did the uninstall and reboot, install v893 downloaded from here and PA found most of my music but no cover art and would not play any music (error - media unmounted). Went into settings/Library/Music Folders, now it saw One Plus 8 as media and enabled (it did not say internal storage, but the name of the phone). Unfolded the tree and selected the Music folder, PA automatically did a scan and it found all tunes. But now all tunes was dobbed in the album list, back to settings/Library and did a full rescan and now it all works fine - I think 🙂
  3. I have run into the same problem and is not allowed to access the internal storage, strangely i am allowed to access the system_ext folder end sub folder. I have migrated from a Samsung S8 plus to a One Plus 8 pro, the music was on the SD card in the S8plus and PA kept the SD card location after the migration. The One plus does not have a SD card slot so had to move the music on to the internal storage, dumped it from the computer into the music folder, did a full re scan and the music from the SD card was removed form the PA index but the music from the internal storage was not added. Tr
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