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  1. Thanks a lot, the Advanced player tracking fixed my problem, now it correctly works with YouTube music and BlackPlayer EX. I read somewhere that there is gonna be a "final version" by the end of the month, any idea if there will be support for any video players? Or is there already? Once again thanks for the help
  2. I tried that already but none of my players shows up in the Known players menu even while playing something, so I guess that´s where the problem is
  3. I have not managed to get the Poweramp Equalizer app working. I slide the eq bars but it just doesn´t have any effect on the sound even when playing from the Poweramp player, i have tried rebooting my phone and uninstalling any other eq apps that may cause issues. I know it is still an early access, but maybe I´m doing something wrong? Do you have any ideas or should I just wait for the app to be finished?
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