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  1. When I unpause Poweramp through a Bluetooth device (eg. my car or my headphones) the volume audibly and significantly lowers. When I then check my phone, I can see that the volume slider has lowered. So something is triggering it to lower. This is a problem that I've never had before.
  2. When I unpause Poweramp, the volume on the device has been significantly lowered automatically.
  3. Absolute volume is disabled in my developer options.
  4. This is a new bug, presumably from Poweramp because I haven't had any OS updates recently. In short, when you pause Poweramp using a bluetooth controller (such as on bluetooth headphones or on a car dashboard), when it is unpaused, the volume drops, necessitating you turning the phone volume up again after every pause. Poweramp build number: build-893-arm64-play [893004-dd1054bc] Full version 64bit Your device model: Xiaomi MiA1 Your Android version: 9 Your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM): n/a Steps to reproduce: Pause Poweramp with a bluetooth controller (eg. on headp
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