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  1. On my Pixel 5 Android 11, only Poweramp notification stays after hitting X. I tried playing around with the Notification settings in Poweramp with no luck. Seems to be an issue with Poweramp on Android 11 as it was working fine on Android 10
  2. @maxmpany possible solution for this bug? Any additional detail I can provide?
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't do that with Poweramp, it goes into the state as shown in the screenshot. Only happens with Poweramp, I checked Spotify and YouTube music and both disappear completely as soon as I tap X.
  4. On Android 11, other music players will completely remove themselves from the media control in notification panel. Only Poweramp, after hitting X, will still be there with just the Play button showing. Is there a way around this or is it a bug? I removed Poweramp data completely and tried again with the same results. It was working fine on my old phone running Android 10. I'm on Pixel 5 December's patch. Poweramp version: 883-893 Below is a screenshot of what I mean. As you can see, the Play button is the only button that lingers around after tapping X. Only way to remo
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