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  1. I didn't understand the posts where you moved my original posts because I was looking for settings>misc under my phone, not the PA app! I decided to look for other posts with the same issue and found this one. When I got to Music Folders I didn't know what to do there because I assumed Enable meant enabled. Finally I hit it and it took me back to the Library page where it showed folders being scanned and in seconds a beautiful Bach cantata started playing (must be the first 'song' in my library). I have had this app for years, back in the days where you got to choose the album art out of 4 choices. I don't know how I found this app so many years ago when I moved all my music from CD's to Itunes then to phone. Finding an app that handles classical music is difficult because most assume everything is a song. But I stuck with PA and it has paid off. Thank you Mr. Willey, you have saved this not so technically advanced musician from being really depressed in the new year.
  2. I have a similar problem. My android phone, Samsung, recently had an update. I went to Poweramp and it said 'storage unmounted'. Storage was fine so I did a full rescan and now it says ''Doesn't look like anything to me' The titles of my playlist are there but no music files anywhere. I unmounted and mounted the storage and did full rescan again, still nothing. I get something called Folders Selection but it only has Internal storage listed. It is like Poweramp cannot see my SD card that has 90GB of music on it. Help!
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