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  1. @6b6561: Thanks to your answer I finally got my lazy ass in gear and set up MiXplorer's FTP server which I should have done long ago. Way smoother and way faster than GD. Thanks for that! It didn't actually solve the problem. I still saw the “Unknown artist”/"Unknown album" after transfering over FTP. The full rescan did the trick though. @andrewilley: Thanks for answering my question. Next time I transfer files I try to disable auto scan and see what happens.
  2. I use Tag&Rename on my pc to get my tags in order. I transfer my music files to my phone via Google Drive. Recently near all my transferred files have started to show “Unknown artist”/"Unknown album" in the list view. Sometimes it’s all of the files in an album and sometimes some of the files. When I open info/tags on an “unknown artist” file all the tags are there. I then have to push Edit Tags and then Save and everything is good. This I have to do with all files with unknown artist. What can cause this behaviour? My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 stock rom and I’m on latest Poweramp.
  3. Yup! Resetting the filter helped, but I have to reset after I applied for import and I have to do it every time I want to import a backup. Thanks!
  4. I tried to move the backup to internal storage but no luck. Still can’t see it. I also tried to export a new backup setting: same result. I then used the default Redmi file manager and I could import the backup. But it’s weird I can see all other backups in MiX just not the PA backup.
  5. I can see the backup when I open MiXplorer normally. It's only when I try to import the backup through MiXplorer it can't be seen.
  6. I’m not sure this is the right forum, but I start here. I’m on a new Redmi Note 7 phone. My default file manager is MiXplorer. Never had a problem with that on any phone. The other day I wanted to import my Poweramp backup settings after I been playing around with the settings but MiXplorer couldn’t “see” the backup. The backup is there all right. MiXplorer can see and find any other backup from all of my apps just not the Poweramp backup. Is this a Poweramp problem?
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