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  1. I'd recommend removing battery optimization for Poweramp EQ app and see if it works properly that way.
  2. Another small question regarding this: Does this mean that Tidal MQA Core Decoding actually produces 96kHz sample rates rather than what I thought would be 48kHz 24bit tracks ?... seen the roots of the issue and all
  3. @maxmp Can you share more insight about the Samsung Hi-Res issue ? I've noticed while playing Tidal Master tracks that the frequency spectrum animation gets narrowed down and there is no movement above the 4kHz band whereas playing the same track section using HiFi quality there's lots of sound information in the high register during that section. Is not that the high freq sounds are muted, they sound transposed into the lower freq while PEQ is enabled. I supposed this is the issue you are referring. I thought that this would be an issue with Samsung and Tidal MQA Core Deco
  4. Crazy idea: Can Poweramp Eq do convolution ? Probably not caused by limitations in Android way of doing things But what about doing a parametric Eq ? (where you set the Q factor for each band) That would be really helpful for whom uses eq just to compensate (pre-equalizing) for their audio gear. First time I've read the Audio Info page and I saw Q=1.50 my first thought was " Oh, nice we can set Q factors (homogenically) " then to my surprise there was no Q factor settings for the Equalizer. (I haven't tried setting different n. bands to see if Q changes). Edit: this has been di
  5. Permissions granting from adb is the only shore for non rooted phones. Frankly I don't mind it, maybe some polishing around how it tracks audio sessions (many dead sessions reported alive) I'm not a dev here, this is only my two cents.
  6. One could call this feature Hardware Decoding, and yes the dolby decoder is implemented in hardware (HexagonDSP I assume)
  7. I'm considering buying this app as I find it to be the perfect music player for Android but I found that it fails to play AC3 or EAC3 encoded 5.1 music that I have in my library. So far I've used MX Player to play those which uses HW decoding route which basically offloads the decoding to the OMX.dolby.eac3_joc.decoder present in my phone (Samsung A71). I was wondering if something similar to MX Player offloading is planned in the near future. I understand AC3/EAC3 are licensed and are not to be implemented into the core code of your app for decoding, but for those who have the abili
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