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  1. Posting this if it's of any help
  2. @andrewilley what I tell you is that any of these things are attached. Hi-res output appear to be 32-bit/48 kHz playing 16-bit/44.1 kHz files or even 24-bit/96 kHz files. UAPP and Neutron, both seem to be able to bypass this so I know it's possible, just I don't know how. And what I told you, yesterday Hi-res output changed briefly back to 16-bit but it let me resample things up to 192 kHz until I restarted my phone. Kinda odd if you ask me
  3. 1. Realme C3 (RMX2020, international edition) 2. Android 10 | Realme UI build RMX2020_11_A.57 (Stock ROM, up to date) 3. Seems like Hi-res output is available on settings but in reality sample rate is adjusted to 48 kHz, yesterday it effectively bypassed sample rate but sample format downgraded from 32-bit to 16-bit. Don't know about it so I'll leave to Max to see and tell me what is possible to do.
  4. Update: for a few hours yesterday it effectively bypassed sample rate and I was able to keep it on 44.1 kHz as intended but sample format decreased to 16-bit, any help here?
  5. I think SoundID by Sonarworks does what the guy above said, quality wise is waaaaaaaaay better than Wavelet and it actually flattens your frequency response instead on relying on the Harman curves. The main issues with SoundID is being kind of unstable and switching between profiles can take you a while because the app is HEAVY. And, of course, being limited on profiles available, I think they have fewer than 600 profiles or so. The good thing is that you can personalize the sound of your headphones at a true deep level, since it flattens first and you can apply a parametric EQ over it. I used it a little bit but still is kind of unstable and, as I said before, changing between profiles can take you a while, instead of being almost instantaneous as Poweramp built-in EQ or Wavelet.
  6. Yeah, I've noticed that Poweramp's audio output actually doesn't fix the sample rate to match the file sample rate and evite unnecessary resampling. Now, if I use the Hi-res output (Realme RMX2020, MTK Hi-Fi) the resampler goes up to 192 kHz and then Android downsamples to 48 kHz, which is completely useless. For comparison, UAPP is actually capable of fix the sample rate to 44.1 kHz without more complications. If I'm wrong with what I'm saying or if I'm missing something, I'd appreciate your help and opinion.
  7. Yeah, I purchased Poweramp a year ago and since I've been using two different models of headphones, but both cannot be enjoyable enough without precise EQ. I've been using the graphic EQ from Poweramp until three weeks ago, when I switched to a new phone, thus making me capable of pushing further my equipment's potential. Using Neutron trial right now, and yeah, that little tweaks between really enhances the experience. I really urge the developers to implement the parametric EQ, Max had created the best audio player on Android to this day, but it can be really improved with the adjustable bandwidth/band frequency. Just a little comment I needed to communicate, never entered to this forum before and I created my account just to say this, hope I can participate a lot more in the future!
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