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  1. No no, it doesn't integrate at all. I just wanted to point out that it can be done. It's a server thing, I added a screenshot from a desktop remote. Android remote have the same functionality though (as they are just remotes).
  2. Hello, I would like to be able to make PA ignore articles in other languages such as Las Los Les Der Die Das etc. Logitech Media Service provides an option for that that is easily configurable. It shouldn't be hard to do. There have been respective request in the past which obviously have remained unheard.
  3. Logitech Media Server has a plugin called Music and Artist Information that automatically fetches an Album review from allmusic.com. This is very neat.
  4. Thanks for getting back so quickly. Deleting the app data did indeed help. I thought that deleting above mentioned file would be a more thorough wipe but apparently this is not the case. I am not sure about the Android update though. LOS get updated on a weekly basis and it has never broken Poweramp before.
  5. Hello, My system: BQ Aquaris X pro with LOS 17.1 Android 10 and Poweramp 883-893, no google services. Poweramp has been working on this phone for over a year. I have upgraded to this version by manually downloading it and installing it over the old PA version. At the same time I have updated LOS 17.1. Initially the latest PA version did not find any songs. So I uninstalled PA and also removed the com.maxmpz.audioplayer folder and reinstalled the latest version. But it still does not find any songs in the standard directory ("Music"). I select the folder by ticking the respective box but then nothing happens. I choose "rescan" or "total rescan" but nothing happens. After a few moments it just stopped. I set the app's permission to access the file system. I can see that there had been threads on this issue but I don't know what else I can do. Any help is appreciated. Cheers
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