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  1. Andre, I didn't touch per folder settings. Upgraded to Android 10 recently, getting bugs with fonts and force dark mode but I think it has no effect on Poweramp.
  2. Andre, I did exactly as you described and it somehow didn't work first time. I tried to reproduce the problem but it didn't repeat. Maybe because I restored all settings to default or maybe because I'm an idiot. Sorry for wasting your time 😔
  3. Hi-res output cannot add additional data to low res files, but decompression to hi-res output makes decompression much better, music sounds richer, you can hear additional details if you use good headphones or speakers. I agree that from mathematical point of view it doesn't make sense but maybe not all factors are taken into account? I have mostly 320 MP3, very few Hi-res albums. Not sure if it is applicable to low res audio files.
  4. Andre, my apologize and thanks for clarification. I see now the option to select track duration. But still there is a bug, you cannot switch it off. Maybe the bug appears only for the tracks played while the option was on.
  5. This feature would be useful if there was option "apply for tracks longer than..." Otherwise it is completely horrible and indeed has a bug. Still, Poweramp is the best app for me.
  6. Used following work around: 1. Rename your music folder. 2. Rescan music folders in Poweramp 3. Never use this option.
  7. Accidentally switched on this option. Tracks started playing from the middle, turned it off and they continue playing from the middle. Tried restarting app, phone, it doesn't help. App v3 build 884. Android 10, OnePlus 5t phone. Please help 🙏
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