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  1. I have not activated 'Advanced player tracking' ... How can I activate this ADB? are in the appropriate screen, but everything is disabled. however the audiotrack works as default because you said that it is the default Android system?
  2. hi I would like to know how I can change the output of VLC to use it with Poweramp EQ ... I noticed that on VLC I can put Audiotrack or Opensl es, but the equalizer only applies with Audiotrack ...
  3. if I force the option, and do not select the option "no dvc with absolute volume", does DVC remain active together with the absolute volume?
  4. hello, I would like to understand if the absolute volume for BT is active, or if the DVC is deactivated automatically,?. I ask this, because it seems to me that it is still functional, even if the absolute volume is activated ...
  5. I'm trying to turn the sound of a powerful bt speaker into something excellent for listening with my family... With bt active is not very good, even with Poweramp... I must say that connected with the AUX cable, and using in combination Poweramp and Poweramp Equalizer, I am succeeding, but it is a challenging mission, as the answer of frequency of the speaker has something wrong, especially the treble... However I noticed that if I combine the 2 equalizers at the same time, the volume sound goes down ... Also I am now noticing that as long as the OUTPUT is rectified with 44KHZ, the sound is it hears softly, while if I set it to 48khz HI-RES the sound is powerful ... Unfortunately, not being an expert, I have to experiment, by attempts, and try to optimize this speaker as much as possible ... ?! I don't have a real question, other than asking for advice on how to best fix the settings if I connect the aux cable, (I have an Xperia zx1), to have the audio volume as if I connected only a Poweramp app ... fores it is automatically lowered the audio while using the two apps at the same time to avoid distortion? yet by changing the output the volume increases, even with the simultaneous use of the two Poweramp apps
  6. thank you very much ... now it is for sure one of the greatest apps i have ever bought .... i literally transformed audio ... but I don't understand why there were no updates on google play
  7. WOW, ok thanks a lot for the answer ... actually my version is not updated, (882) but strangely on google play there is no update available ...
  8. yes, indeed, there are and they are excellent on Poweramp Equalizer, but not on Poweramp Player ... in fact I don't find the option to set more bands ... it would be nice if it were implemented in the player
  9. Hi, I bought the player, is it possible to enter 32 bands of equalization soon next? I really like the primary app as player, but i need a more precise bands-equalization... the new app (Equalizer version) is very good, but: 1) will those functions also be implemented in the Poweramp player? 2) or, will I be able to connect the new equalizer with the Poweramp player? Thanks
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