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  1. I also had the intention of associating an image for each song in batch, as I have folders with songs from several different albums. I thought something like songname01.m3 (or other music extension) would be interesting to associate with the equivalent in image format like songname01.jpg. very cool that have already thought of including this feature in the application, I was looking for something similar and found this topic.
  2. Hi @andrewilley , thank you very much for your explanations and indication of the text with the detailed explanation of how the Poweramp acts in the selection of the album cover images, this will help me a lot for the task that I was doing before selecting one by one song. I understand that the covers are for albums and not for songs, but to use in the headunit car it is very cool to have an image for each song. 😀 thanks sorry for the bad english, it was translated from portuguese by google
  3. I have the same problem, I have folders with more than 200 songs by different artists and the album cover is obviously not the same. Would it be possible to associate the music file with the image of the same name? example song1.mp3 walks song1.jpg for album cover?
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