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  1. @maxmp On the two devices (where I could reproduce what I did in the video) it was internal playlists, created directly in Poweramp. Note that on my Samsung device I also have flyingdutchman's Playlist Manager app, but I don't see how it could change something as I don't use it to create playlists. Note that this issue also concerns the Queue list in Library.
  2. Glad (or not?) to see I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I've encoutered this problem for the first time a month or two ago, when I added a few songs to my playlist and brougth them to the top of the list. I noticed shortly after that some tracks were exchanged from their original order, but I thought I just messed it myself without paying attention. I had the same experience few days ago, and I don't remember doing anything wild: just moving tracks from the bottom of the playlist to somewhere higher (using the "fast drag" mode i.e. dragging the track to the top of the screen). Not much damage, but on a 355-track playlist it's quite annoying to verify & fix the list order.
  3. @andrewilley Oh ok I see. I've just downloaded Poweramp on my old phone (PA build : 882, Device : Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Android version : 8 ) to try to reproduce the experiment, and unsurprisingly I got the same results. I've also tried with all the available View As options (line/list/etc.) and it appears the bug doesn't depend on that.
  4. @andrewilley I'm using the default skin, and I haven't tried with external playlists (I only have internal playlists). As I mentionned in the last edit of the original post, it only happens when the track dragged is moved somewhat quickly. When I reproduce what you did in your video at the same speed I don't notice any bug. Faster tho, it happens pretty everytime.
  5. @andrewilley Thank you for your answer. I've made the update (build 893), but the issue is still there: I've reproduced the exact same experience I did in the video, and got a similar result. To answer to your "how often" question, I guess it happens everytime but I don't remember checking if the order changed everytime I added a song to my playlist. Anyway, everytime I try to reproduce what I did in the video I get a similar result.
  6. Hello, I don't know if it's already been reported before but I've noticed that when I move a track in a playlist (typically when I add a track to a playlist and I don't want it to be at the end so I move it up) it sometimes totally messes up the playlist's order of tracks. [EDIT 2: same issue in Queue] As I said, it typically happens when I move a track from the bottom of the playlist to somewhere above, in "fast mode". I've tried to reproduce this issue by just quickly moving a track around, and it messed up the order as well, here is the screen record of me doing it. Note the order of the tracks before & after I move the track around. I insist on the fact that the track you drag has to be moved quickly for the bug to happen (either like in the video, or in "fast mode" when you drag the track to the top/bottom of the screen); it works fine when I drag the track somewhat slowly. PA build: v3-build-882-arm64-play [882004-437be2ab] [EDIT: tried with newer build 893 as andrewilley suggested, but it didn't solve the issue] Device: Samsung Galaxy A71 Android version: 10 Thank you!
  7. @flyingdutchman hey, thank you for your answer! I've downloaded your app to try the export as .csv option and the back up PA ratings option, but I'm having trouble understanding why none of them seem to work fine. When I try to back up Poweramp ratings, I get a notification (which does not evolve) saying "Export of Poweramp ratings started", but nothing happens next. I've tried many times (uninstalling/reinstalling the app almost everytime because and the app crashed and I couldn't open it again), and when it finally worked, the .txt file was not in the folder specified in the settings. I don't know why but in the Poweramp playlists menu, I can't use "Export all tracks to cvs format" option in "Playlist Action" menu. The option is (only?) available in the Library>Tracks options menu (as "Export all tracks to csv format"), but when I try to use it I only get a notification (non-clickable) saying "csv export completed" with the path "/storage/emulated/0/playlist_manager/null" even though no csv file is to be found in the folder playlist_manager. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A71 on Android 10 by the way. Thank you for your help 🙂
  8. @andrewilley Thank you for letting me know about flyingdutchman's app! Since you seem to be well aware of how the apps works/manages data etc., I'd like to ask: is there a way to have access to the database you're talking about? So I could export the data I want and make my own statistics with it. If not, would it be possible to add a import/export feature for Most Played songs? That could be great for at least two reasons: making my own statistics with exported data, and import data if I were to change my phone/reset the counters accidentally. Maybe should I do a proper feature request thread to explain how I would see this import/export feature (if it's not already possible). Thank you
  9. @Jaded Scorpion Yup, Spotify Wrapped is what finally motivated me to find this forum and write this feature suggestion, even though I've always thought that a proper listening statistics tool would be awesome. I appreciate that Spotify somewhat does that, although I find it's not complete enough (at least not as much as I would like) and it's only once a year.
  10. Hi, I'm fairly new to the app (bought it about 3 months ago), and the main reasons I chose Poweramp among the others are the "Most Played" category displaying the exact amount of times a song has been played, and the large number of customizable settings overall. I'm really happy of this feature, and I'd be glad to have access to more general and specific listening data, such as : time spent playing music; time spent playing music by artists ordered by most played, (or albums/genres/whatever); time spent playing music by headset/bluetooth; and all these would be viewable by (day?)/week/month/year/overall or any period of time. It would also be interesting to consider number of plays instead of minutes spent (like a togglable thing), which is already partially done with the default Most Played list. Before listening to my music on Poweramp on my current phone, I was using the default player of my old Sony phone and one of the pre-installed sony app (Lifelog) was doing a similar (but way less complete) work. Attached: a screenshot of what it offered. [Translation: Day/Week/Month/Year // August 2020 // 376:49 hours // Daily average : 12:09 hours // 5 most played songs (of the month)] I'm not really into data management, SQL and this type of things so I don't really know how hard it would be to implement a feature like that, but I would love to see my detailled listening statistics! Thank you
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