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  1. Hi Andrewiley, yes it is the version built in 965 that I download last week before it happen the issue. I download the latest version here in the website and before the issue happen, I did not uninstall and reinstall the app... It just crashes twice yesterday and then the pop up appear all of a sudden and ask me where did I purchase the unlocker and asking me to enter the email address and order id. This was only happen for the first time and it never happen to me for the past 8 yrs. ago since I purchase the unlocker. The playlist was all manual added and they were added according to bands name and solo artist. Now its all gone and I have 56000+ songs that are installed in my phone now I am going to manually added again and It is a pain into the ass...
  2. This new version has a bug, Last week, I download the new version and it works fine until yesterday, it suddenly crashes twice and after that it is asking me where do I purchase the Poweramp full version unlocker which I purchase it in Playstore 2015 and it is already almost 8 years and it is asking me order id which I do not know where to find it. I restart my phone and I tried to open it again it is the same issue. It is still asking me my email address and order id and I feel frustrated and disappointed already, I uninstall the Poweramp full version unlocker and reinstall it and ALL THE PLAYLIST ARE GONE!!! I DO NOT HAVE OPTION TO IMPORT IT DURING THOSE POP-UP ASKING ME THE ORDER ID AND EMAIL ADDRESS AND NOW I AM BACK TO ZERO FOR ALMOST 8 YEARS THIS IS THE FIRST TIME HAPPEN...WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW WITH THIS? i AM VERY SO DISAPPOINTED... I search on google how to find the order id and I found it here is the Order Id GPA.1379-8413-9773-66338...Now is there a chance to recover my Playlist?
  3. I wish on thr next update you will add CRYSTALIZER Knob and ACOUSTIC 😁😁😁 this is a best combo to Poweramp PLAYERπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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