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  1. I did think of that, but the problem is I'm not entirely certain the S10+ has the software to recognize and send two streams of data (audio and display) through the same cable, and then split it at a hub. However, I don't know much about hubs, do you think that would work?
  2. I don't actually own a chromecast, however, I will purchase one and see how if it works out, if not, I'm sure I can find some other use for it. Additionally, I'm thinking the best course of action would be to get a phone with two USB C ports, and use one for display output, and the other for connecting to a DAC. Unfortunately,I can currently count the number of phones with two USB C ports on one hand, and whether both USB C ports can be used simultaneously for casting display and audio is another question entirely. It's essentially a question of the phone's capabilities. Thanks for t
  3. I appreciate the response Andre! That said, the issue with casting apps is they tend to have compression and latency issues, do you know of any in particular that work better?
  4. Hi all, So, I absolutely adore Poweramp's visualization, so much so, that I want to be able to cast it to my PC and have it on display on my second monitor. Now, I feel fairly certain the best method would be USB C to HDMI, but this would mean I wouldn't be able to connect my S10+ to my DAC. I've been trying to think of a solution (ie, being able to connect my phone to my dac and have Poweramp cast to my second screen.) but I can't think of any way around the issue, do any of you have ideas? TLDR: I'm looking for a means to cast Poweramp to my Windows 10 PC, in full screen, at 60fps,
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