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  1. This is why the album artist tag is used as well as Artist. Album artist is who made the album, and artist has room to be anyone on the album. Composer can be who wrote the song, can be particularly useful in jazz or classical music, but also in pop or anywhere where a song may be covered if you want to keep track of it. For me, I haven't put the work into my music library for it. This still works great even when listening to hip-hop. You may have "10,000" artists, but you won't have that many album artists. I have 619 jazz albums alone, not to mention other genres, so I understand the pains of managing that much music. That's what makes the multiple artist so useful. Multiple artists would be useable for Hip hop, it is genre irrelevant. That way you could see, for example, all songs that anderson paak was on, even though he's on album with mac miller for example. However, if you want to see the albums both respectively put out, that would be under album artist.
  2. Here's an example implementation of the work already done for Musicbee. I don't think it needs to be reinvented, and the closer the tagging aligns with how other programs do it, the more straight forward it should be right? But as mentioned earlier, why not have the possible value be ';' or '/' and what is most commonly used. Furthermore as I said earlier, if no album artist is present, the artist tag should be taken automatically and vice versa. That is for some reason also not the case in Poweramp at the moment. https://musicbee.fandom.com/wiki/Tagging#Multiple_Value_Tags
  3. This is a feature that is still missing. I'm using ';' between artists because the implementation works so well with Musicbee. I just recently organized all of my jazz albums to include all the musicans that play. It's a great way to go through my music. I wish this player had it as well because it's by far my favorite. Related: if no album artist is present but just artist, that the artist name would be taken for the album artist. I hope this gets resolved soon
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