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  1. I've got a galaxy S10 , I've cleared cache in the app , if I reinstall I'll have to redo the usb debug thing so not cleared data or uninstalled
  2. Hi all , started to get the equalizer freezing when skipping songs in YouTube music , just started doing it , anyone else has this issue ?? Thanks
  3. Hi all , hope someone can help , I'm using Poweramp equaliser and I need to factory reset my phone , when I reinstall the equaliser will I need to do the adb command " dump " again that I did a while ago or has the equaliser been fixed for that ?? Thanks
  4. I used the adb command and it's made the equalizer a lot better
  5. Yep , agree , vanced is way better than new pipe
  6. If you're using the equalizer put the gain slider up a bit to get more volume , btw I have an S10 and volume is fine
  7. My YouTube vanced doesn't play in notification area , YouTube music vanced does though .
  8. Chrome just appeared in known players whilst playing a song in YouTube music vanced , weird but I'll just keep it selected in known players
  9. Can't get it to play from notification area for YouTube , YouTube music I can
  10. How did you get YouTube music vanced in your list of players ?
  11. So have you started to see Chrome in your list of players as well ?
  12. Yep , I'm just playing through YouTube music vanced , this only started last night
  13. Well after adding the adb command the equalizer was working really well , skipping tracks without issue , played a song on YT music now and it's back as it was but with " chrome " added to the players , no idea where that has come from but when I play a song it says " YouTube music/chrome " on the equalizer screen !
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