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  1. Suddenly today I started getting this error Failed to play - Storage Unmounted. I haven't added music, changed folders, SD cards, or anything. It was working this morning, then an hour later nothing. Phone never restarted or anything.

    I've tried playing music from SD card and internal but same error. I tried doing a full rescan in library options and did not help. Restarted phone, and uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp. Nothing has worked. I went to MediaMonkey and it plays music fine.

    Noticed I didn't have to reinstall settings after reinstalling Poweramp, like it restored automatically, which I found odd. So not sure if its still using corrupted settings or something? Out of ideas.


    I never did any updates manually today.

    Poweramp: v3-build-884-arm64-play (full version)

    Android: v10

    Phone Oneplus 6T

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