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  1. @andrewilley i also found solutions after digging and doing some research into comments section... in this section.. If u highlight steps of doing this adb command to grant DUMP permission at post then it would be easier for every one so that nobody has to dig deeper into comment section
  2. @Someguyonline look like i need computer with adb command to do it i will try it via computer🤔
  3. How to add youtube vanced and mx player pro in Poweramp equalizer please help me.. I don't know how to apply it.
  4. I have be using official Poweramp music player for a long times.. And this Poweramp equalizer app separate one was released but Can anyone help me please how to use this Poweramp equalizer app i wanna test it in different music player none of them is working i have tried to tested it in hauwei music player, youtube, youtube vanced, musixmatch, mxplayer none of them is working except Spotify and youtube music.. 🤔
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