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  1. @andrewilley Nevermind this. You were right. According to this thread, MusicBee indeed uses the null character thing, not multiple tags. All PA has to do is treat the null character as another one of 'Symbols to Split Multiple Genres', and everything will be fine
  2. Maybe. But I don't know how to find that out for sure. Each tag editor seems to show the values in their own way. Mp3tag as "Hard Rock\\Heavy Metal", Kid3 as "Hard Rock|Heavy Metal", Picard as "Hard Rock; Heavy Metal" and so on. MusicBee's own Tag Inspector shows the values in separate tags. Notice the three TCON tags in the above screenshot.
  3. Thanks for creating the thread. If I create a single tag with either semicolons or "//", the genres are seperated correctly and displayed as expected. Multiple tags must be the issue here. I tested several other players and Gonemad seems to fully support multiple tags. BlackPlayer only recognizes the first TCON tag and ignores the rest. Since PA already recognizes all the TCON tags and concatenates them, I guess it should be easy to implement the seperation?
  4. @andrewilley Thank you for clearing that up. I just realised the problem is not the symbol formatting at all. It's just that MusicBee tags multiple genres in seperate TCON tags (one TCON tag for each genre). Seems like Poweramp appends each TCON tag in a file (like this: "Hard Rock:Heavy Metal") and uses that as a genre. Is there a solution to this? Or should I start a feature request thread for this?
  5. Does the Genre seperator strictly has to be a ";" without spaces? MusicBee tags multiple genres as "Hard Rock; Heavy Metal" with a space after the semi-colon, and those genres are shown in Poweramp as "Hard Rock:Heavy Metal", as a unique genre. Do I have to re-tag my files without the leading spaces? Sorry if this question is kindda stupid, I'm new to Poweramp.
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