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  1. I just noticed there is an API.... do you think this is something I "could" implement with the API? Basically I just need to have the UP command triggered whenever it detects a DOWN command.... Like I said I never have developed for Android, but I'm not shy about learning
  2. yeah, I just sent a email to the manufacturer .. I give it a 5% chance they will fix it. I hope PA will add this option, I really like the look of this player!! I only know python, so I don't think I can figure out how to modify the firmware Thanks!
  3. ugh... That makes sense ..... any idea how to fix this (other than hoping the head unit manufacture will issue a fix)? could you make an option to trigger just on the ACTION_DOWN command?
  4. Please specify the following: Poweramp build number: I just downloaded it from App store your device model: lexus_mrw1920x720 (android head unit) your Android version: Nougat (7.0) your custom ROM name/version: alps/c200_en/c200_en:5.1.1/JOP40D/1524551747:user/testkeys Hello, I just purchased PA, and when I press on the track up/down button on my steering wheel, I hear a beep, but it doesn't change tracks. when I view the "last commands" I see it is recognizing I pressed the buttons but not sure why it isn't changing the tracks.... Any help w
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