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  1. I dont use the 3rd party skin right now, beasce if I apply 3rd skin, it will have more display errror, texts only display half of them. The skin developer says this problem has something to do with the Poweramp skin SDK (screenshot is exceed the total allowed size. If you can give me an Email address, I will send screenshot to you). Now I'm using everything on default. I already reinstall the Poweramp, but the problem still exist. My font size/screen size also is on default, I never change that. This problem is driving me crazy. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I recently switch to oneplus 8t with android 11. My Poweramp version is 884. I find the colorized notifications will show on my screen automatically even when I didn't open Poweramp, such as after rebooting my phone. And there is a display error in the app (please look the picture below). By the way, Poweramp can't seem to run at 120 fps on 8t, it will get stuck at 60 frames, but it can run at 90 fps on 7t which is android 10. My English is not good. I am very grateful if the developer can fix these problems.
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