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  1. @andrewilley I have Poweramp pro icon in app how to hide it
  2. @andrewilley I use Poweramp I nokia 1 now using and another mobile Mi one r1 installed from playstore. Nokia 1 by default output For headset -dvc turned on For speaker -no dvc turned on -no headroom gain turned on Mi one r1 default output -no dvc turned off -no headroom gain turned off All turned off For different mobile default settings also vary?
  3. What are the settings that I have to do, when DVC is causing distortion?
  4. I am using Android 10 go edition in Nokia. Using latest playstore Poweramp build. Get high volume in wired headset. This is my because of android 10 update bug? How quality of song affect while accident toogling an options? Poweramp bluetooth speaker,Poweramp headset will arrive in future?
  5. In audio output detection log, Many failed. Is there any problems in my device or ROM? Why this failed come ? Anyone had this?
  6. what mistake people done which results, glitches,distortion? Example for glitches, distortion? What mistake people done which results, cause battery drain?
  7. MusicFX can be useful (Sony Effects),what is Sony Effects?
  8. 1.Gesture volume control. 2.Shake mobile to turn songs. 3.Search song on YouTube,spotify, Search song data, artist biography. 4.Balance L,R giving 8d effect. Auto L,R In volume.
  9. What if smooth equilizer/tone gain? Turning it off, cause any problems?
  10. Ok @andrewilley . Why no DVC, enabled for speaker in output audio by default?
  11. @andrewilley hi. Direct volume control,(DVC) increase or decrease my headset volume ? I had a doubt.
  12. How to check my dvc is not working in my custom ROM? Why no dvc enabled for speaker output? Why no headroom gain enabled for speaker? What is Glitches in Poweramp? What is audio distortion in Poweramp? What is volume drop in Poweramp?
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