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  1. Every time I plugged in an earphone and press the button, my stock music player is what plays, not Poweramp. How can I change it to Poweramp?
  2. I hope the developer will add the feature to embed lyrics to the songs like BlackPlayer. Like we can search for lyrics in Google and copy and paste it to the song and it will be embedded. And there must be an option if to view or not the lyrics which must be displayed in the album cover. And also track name and artist must be displayed in the middle and should not overlay on the album cover, together with the like and dislike button.
  3. So I just downloaded Poweramp and I like it so far. I was using BlackPlayer EX before but my friends say Poweramp is better. I can't say yes to that yet because there's a lot of features I love when using BlackPlayer that is not yet in Poweramp and that is the 'play next' button
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