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  1. Thank you, Andre. I guess what jams me up is that occasionally, I'll jump to a playlist, but then when I go back to "play all" shuffle, some of the stuff I've heard recently comes back into rotation. Is there an option for playing the "least played" songs in my library?
  2. Perhaps there is already a way to do this in Poweramp that I am not aware of, but I would like to be able to select random play/no repeat, so that the same songs don't keep popping up in rotation until ALL the songs in my collection have been played. I know I can just play every song in alphabetical order, but I'd like a different option that mixes things up, without repeating until all the songs have been cycled.
  3. Following, as I'd like to be able to do this as well...
  4. Thank you very much. That solved the problem for me. Cheers.
  5. I inadvertently posted my playlist import question in the Legacy V2 forum, so to get back on the right track, I'll pose my question here: Here's the setup: I am running V3 of Poweramp on both my Android phone and on my Android HU in my vehicle. I exported my playlists from the phone, to a file folder "Playlists" and copied that folder and its contents to the SD card in the vehicle, along with my entire music library. I have successfully scanned all song files and the playlists into the Poweramp in the vehicle. The problem I am having now, is that the playlists, while appearing in the playlist directory, are not linking to the songs in the library. When I select one of my playlists in the vehicle, I get the error message "Doesn't look like anything to me" I believe I noticed that the files all have an .m3u8 extension. How can I change the "doesn't look like anything to me" into "here's your songs, enjoy your playlist"! 😉 ?? Oh, and BTW, none of my playlists are single character in name.
  6. Thank you for the replies and my apologies for evidently posting in the wrong V2 forum. I do in fact, have V3 on both devices, and even though I re-scanned as instructed above, making sure the playlists folder was checked and the playlists were indeed picked up, when I select a playlist to use, I get the error message "doesn't look like anything to me". So... I guess we're getting closer, maybe, but still can't get the playlists to function. I should note that in my phone, where everything works properly, I see album art associated with the various playlists, but in my vehicle, there is none, I guess because it seems the playlists are not actually finding the songs they're looking for?
  7. Hello. I have Poweramp installed on my Android phone and I created several playlists. I recently installed Poweramp on my Android auto head unit in my vehicle. I put all my music files in the root directory of a mini SD card, and Poweramp had no trouble finding them. I exported the playlists from my phone, into a folder which I have titled "Playlists" which also resides in the root directory of the same SD card. Here's my problem. Using my file explorer, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where my playlist files need to go in order to be seen by the Poweramp app in my vehicle. There is no "import playlists" option in Poweramp, so I am sort of stuck. I even tried creating a new playlist in my car Poweramp version, just to see where the file is placed, but cannot seem to find that, either. Any suggestions?
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