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  1. I highly support this request. I too am album-centric... there is not even an easy way to play two albums consecutively. Poweramp's handling of album collections would be a much welcome improvement for me.
  2. I have converted an old phone to an MP3 player, it is working out quite well, thanks in large part to Poweramp and it's functionality... since Poweramp is the primary app in that I rarely want to exit, it would be nice to have an option to confirm the exit. Ideally an MP3 player setting where it would take a special sequence to exit the application. I have a 3rd party application auto-launching, possibly add that to the MP3 player suite of features 🙂 one can dream.
  3. So theoretically, having albums list as recently played could display "collections" that had individual songs that were recently played?
  4. I am a fan of this request as typically listen to music in an album format. Additionally I would like to see List option under albums as "recently played"
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